Melyssa ford dating usher

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This week all your favorite #Uncensored hosts have returned, Jason Lee, the ‘curve queen’ Melyssa Ford and even Giovanni is back!This is definitely one of the most hil Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio is back for another episode.This week all your favorite #Uncensoredhosts, Jason Lee a ‘special’ Gio and the ‘curve queen’ Melyssa Ford are joined by Love and Hip-Hop’s Hit Maka and A1!This week all your favorite #Uncensored hosts, Jason Lee a ‘special’ Gio and the ‘curve queen’ Melyssa Ford get into today’s juicy hot topics!

Take a look at her current profile picture on the MNS website.

She was a radio personality on Sirius Satellite Radio, and a television host on BET.

She has never downplayed the fact that she has played up the video vixen image in order to sell DVDs, calendars, and for personal appearances.

The most recent episode entitled, Detox Dear, Detox, which refers to cast mate Mica’s excessive drinking during that episode, also shows a repentant Ford crying to Dr.

Michael Eric Dyson about how she hates being objectified.

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