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Perhaps the more interesting conclusion about seemingly ordinary Ohio white nationalist Tony Hovater can be found in Times correspondent Richard Fausset’s column about what he learned, and didn’t learn, while interviewing the man: . One was the Republican National Committee’s rule changes, during the 2012 convention, that worked against Mr.Hovater’s preferred candidate at the time, the libertarian Ron Paul, and in favor of Mitt Romney, the eventual Republican nominee.They’re complaining about him allegedly reaching out and squeezing their tushes.Franken started doing interviews with local media Sunday, and continued to suggest this was just a matter of accidental, incidental touching that was misinterpreted by the women.The congressman insisted he had no idea what was being written in the , and so on.His former aide claimed that Paul’s perspective on World War Two was that “saving the Jews,” was “absolutely none of our business.” As far back as 2007, white supremacists were discussing the benefits of a Ron Paul presidency.

We’ve probably all had that sort of moment, either with an old friend or perhaps someone with a different culture where their expected form of greeting is not what we expected. Hovater and I spoke on the phone, adding to what had already been hours of face-to-face conversation in and around his hometown New Carlisle, Ohio.A lot of workers will get some more money in their pockets as 2018 begins, this can only be a good thing.” You wouldn’t let your grandpa operate heavy machinery if he started wandering around in his pajamas. A third reached a settlement with him.” Back in 2012, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then chair of the Democratic National Committee, had a simple solution for dealing with the question and moral complications of President Obama’s “kill list” for drone strikes: She simply didn’t read about it and acted like it didn’t exist, telling reporters, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” — even though it had been reported upon, in detail, on the front page of the I think that the public discussion of sexual harassment scandals will continue to focus upon serious and indisputable abuses of power, not innocent misunderstandings of nonsexual physical gestures or mundane flirtation.Why did Democrats allow Conyers to keep operating as ranking member of the Judiciary Committee all this time? They have not really come forward.” As Perry Bacon of Five Thirty observed, “Seriously? One of the reasons the current controversies may seem like a witch hunt against mundane gestures is because the accused men are using mundane gestures as their cover stories.It also said it plans to spend well in excess of billion over the next five years on infrastructure improvements. This is a bunch of business leaders saying we can use this tax benefit to grow our company, keep our loyal employees and assist the community,” said Dick Bove, banking analyst at Vertical Group.What’s fascinating is how many commentators you will see who will offer variations of A) “This is just one/two/three/four/five companies! ” C) The companies and corporate executives will get a lot more! They can’t look at announcements like this and say, “oh, good.

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